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Duct Insulation | PT Toilon Indonesia - XPE Foam, Acoustic Liner, Insulation

Duct Insulation

This technology is to laminate foam with aluminum foil face and self adhesive packing. Low thermal conductivity of our duct insulation is excellent for thermal insulation, non-hygroscopic characteristics create consistent and superb insulation properties. It is effective in preventing dew formation caused by a drastic change in temperature. Toilon foams insulation stands in wide temperature range from -80°C~100°C.

duct-insulation1 duct-insulation2


  • Excellent shock absorption and thermal insulation
  • Clean Environment
  • Easy fabrication & processing
  • Weather & chemical resistance
  • Excellent durability & flexibility

Comparison of Insulation

Duct Insulation Specification

Fabrication Method

Duct Insulation Fabrication Method